Google Adwords Campaigns

Pay per Click (PPC) is one of the most important Digital Marketing techniques to drive traffic to a website. Q-Create manages effective ad campaigns for getting maximum conversions for your business.


Google Adwords Management

 PPC campaign management is a complex work and it requires a lot of research and analysis for getting maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

If you are looking for an expert Pay per Click Company that can generate leads and reduces conversion rate, Look no further,  We are a team that has the experience needed to create and manage ad campaigns that really work.


Search Advertising: If you want to show your ads in Google or Bing search engine results, we can help you in that. People who search in search engines for the services you offer are important for your business. We are known to provide excellent search advertising management services for getting maximum conversions.

Display Advertising: Through Display Advertising program, you can show your ads to different websites/blogs. It is a good method to reach people who are interested in the services you offer. We use latest techniques, remarketing and Google analytics to do display advertising in a better way.

Re-Marketing: It is a great method to re-target the users who have visited your website earlier. It encourages visitors to take certain actions by showing relevant ads. The retargeting ads are based on previous interactions of users on your website. If a user clicks on any of your remarketing ads, he is very likely to perform a conversion. You can show the remarketing ads to Search and Display area network of Google, Facebook as well as some other third-party networks like Re-targeter and Adroll.

Google Shopping: Google product listing ads are important to show products in search results to let customers buy the products you are advertising. It is an advance method to let customers see your product in Google search results. We at 6ixwebsoft technology have years of experience in creating and managing effective Google shopping ads to provide excellent results

Mobile Advertising: Because of increased number of Mobile users, it is very important to focus on a mobile advertising program. With millions of mobile users across the globe, it’s great opportunity for advertisers to get ad impressions. Through customized mobile advertising program, e-commerce sales optimized campaigns, call out extensions and brand awareness services.Our ability to combine Mobile Advertising with search, display, social and remarketing ads are just exceptional.

Social Media Advertising: With higher reach and lower CPC, Social Media Advertising is a powerful method to reach more audience within a limited budget. Apart from Search and Display area network advertising, Companies choose Social Media to reach the maximum audience. A good strategy combining FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest can give awesome results.

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